Livelihood / Economic Empowerment

The goal of this program is to improve the livelihood of unemployed youth and women through viable livelihood and economic strengthening interventions.


People benefited from this program.

Major Interventions under Livelihood Program

Identification of beneficiaries with objective criteria

Enable selected beneficiaries to acquire Technical and Vocational Skill Trainings by closely working with TVET institutions

Facilitate wage employment by closely working with employers when necessary

Orientation on viable business ventures

Provide loan, matching fund, start-up capital, material, or revolving fund depending on the need and availability of resource

Provision of trainings on business skills, and business selection, planning and management for the target beneficiaries

Collaborate and closely work with Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), concerned government bodies, and actors in the private sector in order to enable the target beneficiaries access finance (loan), working premises, market, and other necessary supports

Establish business groups and initiate saving

Follow up and continuous support and assistance

“Committed to empower & transform communities, and positively change the lives of people in need”.