Hiwot Integrated Development Organization (HIDO) is a local, non-governmental, secular, and non-profit-making organization working towards contributing to the development of Ethiopia through integrated development approaches. HIDO is legally registered as a local non-governmental organization with registration number 0224 by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – Authority for Civil Society Organizations. HIDO’s vision is to see healthy and self-reliant society in Ethiopia. Its mission is to build the capacity, confidence, and efficacy of marginalized, disadvantaged, and vulnerable sections of the society (mainly vulnerable women,children, and youth) through participatory and inclusive health, education, livelihood, and human rights, gender, and social inclusion interventions to achieve immediate as well as lasting impact in their lives. HIDO has 23 years of robust development experience. It was founded in 1999 G.C. by an Ethiopian Nurse, Sister Tibebe Maco, with the support of few dedicated health professionals and Social Workers who had ample experience and exposure in community development interventions.

HIDO currently operates in all the sub cities in Addis Ababa City Administration. In the recent past, HIDO used to operate in Oromia and Amhara regions. HIDO has five well designed and integrated programmatic intervention areas, namely:- Child and Youth Development, Education, Health, Livelihood (Economic Empowerment), and Human Rights, Gender, and Social Inclusion. HIDO’s target groups include:- Orphans and Highly Vulnerable Children, Unemployed Youth, Women and Girls in need, Most At Risk Populations for HIV infection mainly Female Sex Workers, and People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). Over the past twenty three years, HIDO directly reached hundreds of thousands of target beneficiaries through the above five integrated program thematic areas and enabled its target beneficiaries to lead healthier, dignified and better lives. Approximately 70% of HIDO’s beneficiaries and 90 % of HIDO’s volunteers are women. Moreover, HIDO successfully built the capacity of local government authorities, community based organizations, and service providers through technical, financial and material supports.

“Committed to empower & transform communities, and positively change the lives of people in need”.