• During the past twenty-three  of development intervention experience, HIDO in collaboration and partnership with various development actors implemented projects of various natures ranging from small to very large, achieved remarkable results, and positively changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

  • In recognition of its outstanding achievements, good track records, and its reputation in participatory project/program implementation, HIDO received several national and international recognition and awards, among which the following are worth mentioning:

Bego Sew Award - 2019

Awarded By Bego Sew Award Association

Excellent performance in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and care, treatment, and support service provision - 2013

Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA), Addis Ababa

Excellent performance in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention - 2010

Pre-Vent, a U.S.-based philanthropic organization (USA)

Local Capacity Development Award- HIDO

Local Capacity Development (LCD) - 2009

USAID/Ethiopia Local Capacity Development(LCD) Project

Making significant difference in changing the lives of disadvantaged people including children in Ethiopia. - 2009

Society of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora (SEED) (USA)

World of Children Health Award (Nobel Prize for Children) - 2008

The World Of Children, a USA based philanthropic Organization (USA)

Excellent community–based works of the organization especially the engagement of Iddirs in its interventions - 2004

Family Health International (USA)

Excellent Home Based Care Service - 2003

Excellent Home-Based Care Service Center for International Learning (USA)

Exemplary grass-root work against HIV/AIDS (African Prize for Leadership) - 2001

Hunger Project a New York-based International NGO (New York, USA)


  • Enabled 62,000 orphans and highly vulnerable children to become healthy, safe, and schooled.
  • Identified 26,000 new HIV positive individuals through applying targeted testing techniques, linked and enabled 25,100 (96%) of them to start Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART).
  • Ensured adherence to Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) and retention in care among 24,440 People Living with HIV/PLHIV (97%) of those on ART targeted by the organization).
  • Enabled 30,500 disadvantaged and vulnerable women to become economically self-reliant.
  • Enabled 22,000 Youth to become employed (18,000 through self-employment and 4,000 through wage employment).
  • Built the capacity of public service providers (mainly, education and health service providers) and ensured efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, responsiveness, and accountability of education and health services in five sub cities in Addis Ababa.
  • Enhanced capacity of public service providers and service users (citizens) in promoting and ensuring human rights, good governance, gender equality and social inclusion.
  • Achieved excellence and organizational maturity in development programs implementation and management.

“Committed to empower & transform communities, and positively change the lives of people in need”.